It’s December 2019, I can barely feel that this year escalated so fast. I am so grateful for all the unpredictable things happen to me this year. Many bucket lists I made since the start of the year completed one by one.

I used to compare myself with my own past when the year ends, and the day when I am getting older on my birthday. Pondering if I am growing to be a better person every year, or even worse.

In most cases, people talk about something like the New Year Revolution or something similar to. On the contrary, why don’t we talk about our milestone or achievement we have before starting to plan a new resolution? Let’s get started!


I write to major papers this year. Both were economic papers. I decided to write this topic because of the book I read. Disruption by Rhenald Kasali.

The first paper I write for the competition among Indonesian under the title Disruption: The New Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The competition held by the Association of Indonesian Student (PPI). Alhamdulillah, I won first place. I can’t believe it when it announced.

The second paper was about Ecotourism. There are two of us. It was me and a friend of mine, Farras Abyan Aziz, one of BS Economics student.

We didn’t realize that we are doing research for a single paper for three months straight. The title was the Significance of Ecotourism in Tourism Practice in Indonesia.

As a law student. These was two major academic milestones of me this year, apart from Law Subject I studied in my LLB class.


I learn a new language! I completed my Urdu Diploma in 2019. It’s hard to speak Urdu fluently but at least I could understand when they throw a joke, having a little chat, etc.


In 2019, most of the book I read was economic books, financial management, and some marketing books. I am into these topics. Such as Done is Better than Perfect by Denny Santoso, Marketing Revolution by Tung Desem Waringin.

Being persistence is not easy. It’s hard as it is. I stumbled in many business issues trial and error. I tried to start business dropshipping online, muslimah fashion, and many more. Reading a lot of books, watching YouTube videos, webinars, journal and many sources I looked on by myself. This is a little bit tricky and hard when you have no mentors.

It reminds me that luck doesn’t come accidentally. Luck is created, when you have good competence and met a perfect timing. Back then, Alhamdulillah. I got my first big score ever.


I learn about financial management a lot. Investing and stuff like that from many sources like Instagram Influencer, Inspigo Podcast, Audiobook and many more. In my opinion, it’s not only about how much money you have, but how you manage and spend it wisely depending on your income and expenses. I would recommend books like Financial Revolution by Tung Desem Waringin and Untuk Indonesia yang Kuat: 100 Langkah Untuk Tidak Miskin by Ligwina Hananto as the start.


Somebody could say that getting closer to their mom, or dad are commonly easy things, well it didn’t happen to me. I grow up with my parents only for 11 years since I was born. Subsequently, I start my study journey to get my education in an Islamic boarding school. I met them only for two or three months since then when Ramadhan and eid fitr days. Having a little small talk on the phone, asking for money and something like that.

Sometimes I feel jealous when I saw my friends talking to their mom like their friends, throwing a joke, laughing, telling them their relationship status. Talking to their father about automotive, cars, motors, or any hobbies they had.

And finally, I experienced the same. I feel so much closer to my parents this year. Love to see their smile, admiring how wise my father was when he talked to me about many problems happen in our boarding school, managing financial cashflow, the social relation between teachers, and many more.

Those feeling comes up, while I have never experienced for 22 years of my life living with my father.

I love to see my mom’s smile when I had my appetite to eat his special sambal, having a little talk to her about my sister, and finally, I dare to talk about my relationship too.

I didn’t realize that I grow up this quick. My sister currently gets her education in Al-Azhar, and my brother was graduated from a boarding school last year. And you know what? Both of them are completing their 30 Juz of Quran memorizing in only 20 months. What a great brother of mine. Proud of ‘em. Thanks to Allah who gives me a lovely family.

Well, that’s it. There are a lot of details and minor change that I couldn’t write it all the way here, but the point is, you have to know what you’re going to do. You don’t have that much time to lay on your bed while the others hustling and keep their self to be a better person. The clock is ticking pal …

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