This winter, I went to Malam Jabba. It is the place in Hill Station and ski resort in the Hindu Kush mountain range. In Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

It is the nearest place you could do Ski and Snowboarding from Islamabad. The second place as far I know is in Naltar Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

And I going to share the details of how we could reach there from Islamabad by public transport. And how much does it cost for all of it.

How to get there?

I went there with three of my friends from the Mandi Morr Bus Stand on Pirwidhai Road. You could take an Uber to reach there. You could ask anyone to take a minibus that would bring you to Mingora. We departed to Mingora from Mandi Morr at 12.00 am and reached Mingora at approximately 04.30 am. Don’t forget to read the destination written on the bus.

The minibus from Rawalpindi to Mingora would cost you Rs. 550.

Mandi Morr Bus Stand is here

The next minibus that brought people to Malam Jabba from Mingora departed at 07.00 am. So, we wait there and take tea in Mingora Bus Stand and Pray Fajr.

Mingora Bus Stop is here

You should take a Rickshaw from Mingora Bus stand to Malam Jabba bus stand for Rs. 150. Don’t worry, they would tell you the right bus stop and show you which bus that would go.

Malam Jabba Bus Stop is here

While we are not planning to stay overnight and going back immediately on one day instead, so we didn’t spend a lot of time in Mingora.

If you are not in a hurry as we did, you could wait until sunrise in Mingora and get your breakfast there. Because the minibus schedule to Malam Jabba will depart at 07.00. The Ski Resort itself would open at 10.00 am.

We arrived at Malam Jabba Bus Stand at 06.00 am and still to early for the first bus so we take a car for Rs. 1700 for three of us. But if you take a minibus, it will only cost Rs. 200 per person.

We get our breakfast when we arrived at Malam Jabba and waiting it to be open.

What to do?

When you arrived at the Ski Resort, you could choose multiple option of the ticket. We take a double trip of Chairlift for Rs. 800 per person. Actually, if you rent a Snowboard or a Ski, you could get a free chairlift and going down Skiing if you are a pro. So you could only pay the entrance ticket for Rs. 300.

Another option is you could take a one way chairlift ticket for Rs. 600 and take a Zipline for going down for Rs. 2.500

I rent a Snowboard while my friends get a Ski for the same price. Rs. 2.400 for an hour and half and Rs. 4.000 if you rent it for 3 hours. Actually, they offer another option if you would rent them per day.

Remember, when you rent a Ski or a Snowboard as if you are beginner, there will be a lot of guys that would help you to wear your shoes, or act as they are a trainer they would say.

As a pro tip, you should negotiate how much they want before they are helping you. Because, if you don’t ask them on the beginning it would be trouble for you. And sometimes they will charge a high price. That’s what happens to us and finally, we paid Rs. 500 to them.

After taking a chairlift and do some Snowboarding, we planned to go back at 01.00 pm.

I know it is too early to go back. But if you planned to stay overnight in Mingora, and planned to explore any other destination, you could take your time and wait for the sunset there.

There is multiple destinations that could be explored after visiting Malam Jabba. You could search any places such as Ushu Forest, Kalam Valley, Bahrain, and Mardan River or any other destinations.

If you planned to stay overnight, you can stay in Mingora. There are multiple hotels on affordable price to stay there.

I don’t know whether it is too early to go back to Mingora for us. We didn’t find any public minibus. So, we take a car for Rs. 1500 to reach there, and I thought it will cost the same as you go here depends on your negotiation skills.

We get lunch in Mingora and get some rest before we go back to Islamabad. The same way we go from Mingora Bus Stand.

Travel Expenses

Here is the details of the cost.

Uber to
Mandi Morr
Bus to
Tea and
Car to
Malam Jabba
Car to
Bus to ISB1650

And that’s all I got about the details of my trip to Malam Jabba by public transport, you could contact me if you want to ask for any details or ask in a comment section below. Have a nice winter vacation!

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