Hi there! How’s it going. these are 4 Reason How Exam-Cheating Led to Corruption Habit. It’s currently mid-November and it is time for a mid-term exam for university students like me. Taking an exam is one of the practical methods to measure the capability of the student for the subject they take. Achieving a good grade in an exam is excellent. Sometimes it led to wider opportunities after completing our studies. Those grades could make a greater chance for us to be accepted in some of the Scholarship Award, or even famous universities we wanted.

When the grades are the main concern of most of the students. subsequently, they should attempt in a decent way. Well, learning to attain good grades is not bad though. Just do not mind those saying who said that it would not determine your future, but it is if it was one of your main concerns. And for the record, you should attempt it in a good way. Now the question is:

Is it worth to study for an exam?

Well, the exam is not the main purpose and so your grade, but it only a tool to create you to be a better person. If you say so that taking the exam seriously is worthless, how could you bear greater responsibility while you could control yourself to study seriously for a tiny-little responsibility to take it as a student.

So, it’s not about the result, but the process instead. Not the perfect grade, but the way you achieve them is matter. Being responsible, not easily discouraged to yourself. In fact, an exam is testing your perseverance and discipline. And you have to complete your responsibility honestly as a real man.

Why cheating is bad?

As a student, considering an exam is our responsibility. Being honest to our self is a big deal. Having a bad grade is not a disgrace, but lying to yourself, your parents, and your God. It is a shame. The question is, how could you be proud of the grades you cheat on? To me, it is like showing off a bunch of money you steal, and you proudly uttering it to others merely to get applauded by.

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How corruption Habit started from exam-cheating

The corruption rate of the country determined by its people. People are shouting the government yelling that they are corrupt, but not to themselves. Their awareness of the importance of honesty diminish, starts from the place where the nation being built: The education system.

When an exam-cheating is common, honesty is ignored, it nourished a horrible habit and destroy its people. We have 4 Reason of why cheating led to corruption habit:

First, the student who cheats tends to watch over the supervisor. Just like the corrupt public servant who watches over and dodge Corruption Eradication Commission officer while they are indicated to corruption cases.

Second, when approaching the exam, most of the students are studying day by day, while the cheater is taking a shortcut to get higher grades by cheating. Similarly, the corruptor, when most public servant works decent and honestly to get a good position, the corruptor bribes as a shortcut to enrich themselves and get a higher position.

Third, as long as not being caught, the cheaters and corruptors are addicted and keep doing their horrible acts. But in the end, when their tests are canceled, or even sentenced they regret.

Fourth, making honest guy are getting tired to be honest because they take shortcut it easily. And those corruptors make corruptive habit among the people.

Habit is constructed by daily acts. Whilst being dishonest and taking a shortcut by cheating in the exam become your habit, you will tend to practice it in your future. It could be your future job or some position you will get it, you will take many shortcuts to crawl and strike down others solely to get a higher position or to gain more “filthy money” to your pocket, starts from being dishonest and exam-cheating.

And one thing to consider, would you feed your child or your family that way?
Well, the answer is yours.

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